Teddy's new teaser: the werewolf is coming for you!

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On 14 July, Jokers Films revealed the first extract of TEDDY by Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma. Back in the Official Selection a year after having won the Palme d’or in 2019 for Parasite by Bong-Joon Ho, the distributor's werewolf film met with acclaim at the Festival de Deauville and the Forum des Images' Étrange Festival. Teaser by teaser, the werewolf is coming for you. In cinemas in France from 13 January 2021.

The Boukherma brothers' first feature film, Willy 1e, was screened in Cannes as part of the ACID in 2016. Now back in the Official Selection this year, the co-directors treat us to a werewolf film in a natural setting imbued with their trademark highly stylised atmosphere. Anthony Bajon takes on the starring role alongside Noémie Lvovsky.

Somewhere in the French Pyrenees, a wolf is testing villagers' patience. 19-year-old non-graduate Teddy lives with his adopted uncle and works in a massage parlour, while his girlfriend Rebecca is on the brink of finishing high school. The couple looks set to embark on an ordinary summer like any other, when one night under a full moon, Teddy is scratched by a mysterious creature. Over the ensuing weeks, he finds himself in the grip of a series of strange, animal impulses…

The extract unveiled by Jokers Films on 14 July didn't yet hint at the fantastical forces at work in the film. Yet sometimes all it takes is a nervous laugh layered over a distorted Marseillaise to get you in the mood to see more… Coming soon to cinemas.

Deauville American Film Festival and the Forum des Images' Étrange Festival. To keep the rest of us waiting patiently until the movie is released on 19 January 2021, a second teaser has just been revealed

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