Soul, Pete Docter’s enchantment

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The film could have featured among the "regulars": indeed, the friendship between the Festival de Cannes, Studio Pixar and Pete Docter is not new: together at the opening with Up in 2009, we met again for the presentation of Inside Out in 2015. Pete Docter appears once again in the Official Selection in 2020 with his film Soul, which transports us from the streets of New York to cosmic dimensions.

What makes you...YOU? Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), a modest music teacher, gets his dream job in the best jazz club in New York. After falling down a manhole he is propelled into the "Great Before", an imaginary place where each soul is given a new personality, unique traits and hobbies before travelling to Earth.

Determined to get on with his life, Joe joins forces with an unusually precocious soul, 22 (Tina Fey), whom has never been drawn to the human experience. By desperately trying to show her what the true essence of life is, Joe will end up finding the answers to some great existential questions.

Due to the current global crisis and the closure of cinemas, Soul was released worldwide on the streaming platform Disney+ on 25 December 2020.

The French press were unanimous in their praise:

"What a wonderful film! Pete Docter embodies excellence with this coming-of-age tale of such dazzling emotional power that encourages celebrating life and making the most of every moment." Le Journal du Dimanche

"Is it a philosophical tale? An initiatory journey? A lesson of metaphysics- and even, in certain respects, of quantum physics? Soul, which embraces both the rhythm of jazz and your emotions, is a bit of everything at once. This is a visual treat." Le Point

"A complex, grown-up comedy [...] arguably his masterpiece, and in any case his most compound, abstract and intricate work - as if Inside Out has reached adulthood [...]. The film-maker disarmingly asks: What does a successful life look like? The answer is all the more beautiful as it is unexpected." Les Inrockuptibles

"Through its humanism, poetry, sumptuously delicate music, and the homage to the energy of New York, Soul is one of Pixar’s masterpieces." Télérama "The new Pixar film furthers with virtuosity the introspective and allegorical analysis initiated with Inside Out in 2015, to reveal the full enigmatic nature of human neuroses." Libération "Released on Disney+ for Christmas, Pete Docter and Kemp Powers animated film, draws a poetical, philosophical yet humorous portrait of the human soul." Le Monde

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